The snap of fingers

I believe nature has a plan, supremely beautiful as she is. Besides being someone who is constantly fascinated by shapes, colours, all creatures big and small; I am also someone who comes alive when its just gaia and me silently dancing.

One season that I dont get to see at all in Chennai is autumn, in its complete glory. Here at Texas, I have watched the trees go from the most fresh green to the deepest carmine to a golden yellow. And now the circle is complete and the trees have shed the old and wait to adopt the new beginning Spring will soon bring.

My favourite colours from the palette for this particular season would be a deep, juicy, voluptuous carmine paired with a dark, bottle green. I would love to indulge in carmine velvet, with an emerald pin perhaps.


However, now autumn has ended and winter has officially crept up on us….. The landscape is turning from yellows to white. Before the snow is the glistening shine of diamond ice.

My look for the winter season – swarovski fine studded bodices with tulle and velvet accents, very soft cinnamon rose with feathery white trims, mid calf wide heeled boots and lots and lots of ginger to keep the soul warm!

Till my next post,