The lone star state styling

Texas, the vastly famous lone star state; home to cowboys, guns and all things rugged! The advantage (and a blessing) of having a childhood like mine and an amazing family is that I have been exposed to different cultures without leaving India. Often, we base our beliefs on what we see in movies, they inspire us, they show us parts of the world that maybe we may not get to see in person. Being a movie buff, I saw all kinds, but the ones that drew me in like a magnet were always westerns! Good Ol’ cowboy westerns!

This state is synonymous with some of the most classic and ever-versatile looks, from head to toe; one being the cowboy/cowgirl look. Here are a few things I love about this state:

1. The headgear : The cowboy hat breaks the mould by jazzing up  both women and men, irrespective of  their body shape/height/haircuts etc. It features on my list because unlike other styles that mostly sport with formal/semi formal attire (limiting their versatility), the cowboy hat is one that works beautifully with casuals and can lend to dresses too!

2. The clothes themselves! Slim fits, very sleek styling, drain pipe rugged jeans at their best, lots and lots of flowy short skirts and sassy dresses. The very pieces that we see today have a very long history, particularly because they were born from the necessity to suit a specific and extremely rugged lifestyle. There are clothes that were born out of the need for pomp and then there were clothes that are structured on need, latter’s just the way I like it!

3. The daisy dukes! The number of women I have spotted here that in such cold weather (as there is currently in Texas) bravely walk around in daisy dukes and knee-high boots is incredible! Hats off to them because daisy dukes are super short and not everyone can carry them off, and these ladies can carry them off in style!

The traditional spurred cowboy boots

4. Boots – Texans love ’em boots, and why shouldn’t they? I have seen some of the most finely crafted hand-tooled and embroidered boots here which I have not seen anywhere else. Texas has a distinct style when it comes to footwear, especially cowboy boots; those are a world apart!

If you would like to know more about the history of cowboy boots, I would suggest this article here

5. Rodeos – Now these I do not like for the fact that I love animals and find it rather a cruel sport but the part I like is that you get to see the whole look in action, from the hat to the boots and also some really fancy lasso skills which cowboys are famous for.

6. In general, I loved the way Texans talk, the few that I have met exude this air of strength and independence; they also speak with a lot of love when you greet them. I found my experience with them so far very warm and welcoming.

7. I have saved the best for last! Texas has a wide selection of local beers; I have had the fortune of sampling a wheat hop beer and nothing beats fresh beer on tap! Everyone back home is certainly missing something amazing!

So, this is my take on my trip to Texas, I would love to hear what else you like about this state!