How the ancients never cease to inspire us!

How the ancients never cease to inspire us!

We love the Egyptians, they have forever fascinated and inspired me personally, such style and opulence! An example of spectacular design is this ring, how timeless and uber is this! Aesthetic design is not an easy task but the Egyptians … Continue reading

To Japan with Love……

“The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight     and admiration.”

One of our biggest projects to date has been for one of our dearest and most fashionably unconventional clients. I created a total of 15 understated yet very unique garments for work and fun for her.

The most amazing detail in the mix is that these garments are going to be flaunted in Japan, by far one of the most famous places for diverse experimental fashion.

Japan has such a rich history in the arts, crafts and in fashion, and some of the most brilliant designers have come out of Japan, from Issey Miyake to Junya Watanabe who have fused the very essence of Japan into their spectacular creations.

My biggest inspiration to date has always been the goddess of draping Madeline Vionnet who created breathtaking pieces with minimal or often zero stitching {a true understanding of the fundamentals of great design, understanding your materials and the contouring of the body}; an important skill which I have seen only Japanese designers have mastered to perfection by translating the art of origami into their clothing. Essentially, magic!

This commissioned project has been a great learning experience for me and right up my alley as my finest moments are when I am experimenting! Pictures will be up soon! If you would like to have us make you some unique pieces, you know where to find us!

To fresh beginnings!

“There’s more to clothing than just adornment. It does more than merely change how the world perceives us. It changes how we perceive ourselves.”

With the new year fast approaching, we are excited to start showing the world our fresh designs and our hands are itching to start on the fresh commissions that are waiting to be started!

Come Jan 4th onwards, Cognac Studios is open to take all your orders. We love to pamper our clients, so as a new year kickstarter, we are offering a special discount on our services across the board for each person you refer to us and there are free goodies too!

So come see us, we guarantee you will love being outfitted by us. Our speciality afterall is, special sizing and bespoke.

Happy New Year everyone!!!